About The Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids create cutting edge multi-media dance productions supported by surreal video projections and original music. These quirky, robotic, doll-like characters dig up mankind's deepest fears, desires, and unanswered questions and, like a funhouse mirror, present them to audiences to create a portal in which they can look “in.” Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission provoke independent thought and inspire positive change on a greater scale through dance and other multi-media outlets.

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Anna and The Annadroids are going to exist in two locations! Even though Anna is planning to head back to Columbus, Ohio to produce shows and tour the Mid West, The Annadroids will still live and "Droid" here in San Francisco! We are really looking forward to the possibilities that can come of this. Coming at you from the East and the West : ) More info soon!

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