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Anna and The Annadroids have a full season of performances ahead! First Anna will be going to the Arts Midwest Conference next month to network and book. Then we will be performing at Yerba Buena Nights in SF Oct 13th, Trauma Columbus for Halloween, and then back in San Francisco this Feb 2017 to perform Faux(pas)bia as part of the Noisepop Festival at the Joe Goode Annex! By then we will have our conceptual music album fully released and the graphic novel that goes with the album/production all set to go! The plan is to present this show in Columbus Spring 2017! Here is to Faux(pas)bia!!! Carlyn Pitterle, Ildiko Polony, Mallory LaBro', Jenna Jones, Elizabeth Racely, Lindsay Nova Calvert

Anna and The Annadroids are going to exist in two locations! Even though Anna is planning to head back to Columbus, Ohio to produce shows and tour the Mid West, The Annadroids will still live and "Droid" here in San Francisco! We are really looking forward to the possibilities that can come of this. Coming at you from the East and the West : ) More info soon!

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