• “Sullivan’s works are surrealist meditations on replication, mechanization, and objectification danced by a regiment of kabuki-faced cyber-marionettes. It’s geishas meet the funhouse, Dr. Coppelius meets Dr. Who, Betty Boop meets genetic cloning..” - SF Weekly
  • "These young dancers, as directed by lead 'droid' Anna Sullivan, are satirists who, at their best, take dead aim at various targets and hit bull's-eye after bull's-eye,"
  • - Dispatchcritic Barbara Zuck wrote in a January 2008 review of The Clone Zone
  • "Sullivan is a flexible and courageous dancer, and the driving electronica that forms her score sets an appropriately forbidding and futuristic tone." - Jesse North, stage-rush.com NYC

  • "It was one of the most entertaining forms of culture I have ever seen and maybe the most entertaining and immersive dance piece I have ever seen." - David Steele, Noise Pop
  • In her third appearance at FringeNYC, this time as a solo artist, Sullivan channels the cyberpunk aesthetic to express the way sex and soulless plasticity have become shamelessly intertwined in modern media. But the way Sullivan uses her Annadroid persona exhibits a verve and wry humor that make the often-conveyed expression much more personal and poignant."
  • - Tom Penketh, Backstage.com, Off Off Broadway Review, NYC

  • "I appreciated the story on a visceral level, enjoying the skill, creativity, and originality of what I saw before me... Overall, the show made me want to step out of my box more often and explore more movement-based theatre."

  • - Debbie Hoodiman Beaudin, NYTheater.com

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