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Click here to support Anna & The Annadroids: Multiverse organized by Anna Sullivan

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at our fundraising campaign! Anna and The Annadroids are thrilled to be working on a new multimedia dance and aerial performance piece, titled Multiverse, and we need your help to present it both in Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco this spring! Who a...

Thank you for those who have donated so far to our project! We still have several thousand dollars to raise so if you have not yet helped out please consider. Even the small amounts really add up to make this possible for us. We work so hard putting on a show, not to mention in two cities, and we need every bit we can get to at least break even. There are lots of fun perks listed in the gofundme campaign below. I know I am looking forward to wearing an Annadroid hoodie once they arrive and you can only get one here in this campaign! Don't be shy :)

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